Caressed By Ice - Nalini Singh

I was looking forward to reading Brenna's story since the last book. She was proven then to be a very strong and courageous woman. Judd, was the perfect choice for her romantic interest, they were totally opposites in every way, he was actually worse than the other Psy who mated with Changelings (Sascha and Faith), but he was also a representation of the battle she still had left to fight. By that I mean, he and Enrique has similar abilities and she needed to face that and except in order to get past what was done to her. Plus you can't discount the chemistry that brewed between the two. He was so hot, I felt it like an actual touch.


Nalini Singh has the most amazing ability to pull you into the story and have you engaged with every single character. I guess why this series has lasted so long, because it feels like you have a bond with each character so you want to keep reading to see how their lives will progress. That aspect is absolutely amazing to me.